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A new prestigious project from Kıbrıs Developments: Natura

Creating personal living spaces with the vision of being an innovative corporation that leads the housing industry and an experience of 33 years; Kıbrıs Developments has presented the “Natura” to property market, with a mission of creating a new prestigious project after its awarded projects Milos Park Homes and Kıbrıs Town Houses. 20% of the project, which is supported by the incomplete mortgage loan from the Turkish İş Bank and has made a rapid entrance into the launch period, has been sold. 

Within the scope of the launch activity of the Natura project which arouses great curiosity; new living spaces in Natura, the new address of peace that blends natural values of Cyprus with the charm of nature, were introduced to the guests. In the night featuring sustainable natural values differently from the usual launch activities, the place was reorganized in such a way that it felt like an environment surrounded by trees and also an olive tree was positioned on the stage to symbolize nature and peaceful environment of the Natura project. In the launch activity of the Natura project, which is a part of nature and is inspired by nature without spoiling the tradition with social responsibility awareness of Kıbrıs Developments; a compensation was granted to Alsancak Nature Park Fund for each sharing made with the hashtag #natura for the sake of creating a sustainable environment.

Natura has a total of 68 houses, 8 of which are detached villas and 60 of them are semi-detached flats. Besides the alternatives that can meet different needs from a single bedroom to 3 bedrooms, Natura has 3 different approaches in the interior design with modern, Mediterranean and Nordic influences. Natura, which is the most qualified project conducted by Kıbrıs Developments with its construct quality and facilities until today, is presented for sale with prices starting from 79 thousand GBP. In the project, the customers can own a new house with installments starting from 709 GBP per month. 

Best stories of Natura are hidden in the nature of the Mediterranean

All stories of Natura, which is named after nature as it is neighbor to Alsancak Park, formed with unique architecture, interior anatomy, use of rock colors on Beşparmak Mountains on facades, open spaces and pergola and its organic bond with the essence of Cyprus all make the project more special and meaningful. 

Sustainability is one of the most important building blocks of Kıbrıs Developments

With the technical know-how and experience gained during the BREEAM certification process implemented in the Kıbrıs Town Houses project, Kıbrıs Developments with the first and unique green building award transfers all the information to the Natura project and creates a sustainable structure where 50% water savings and 30% energy savings are achieved by keeping sustainability in the Natura project. Kıbrıs Developments aims to turn the green buildings into living spaces with the Natura project.

Details from the Natura Cyprus project

It is a nominee to become the best friend of the quad of mountain, sea, forest and sky with its walking distance to the beaches in Alsancak city center in Girne, as well as its position as a neighbor to Kıbrıs Town Houses project and Alsancak Park. Inspired by the best examples of the Mediterranean architecture and its generous nature; Natura houses have been designed in such a natural way that it cannot be separated from its surrounding area, which makes it more enjoyable to spend time in outer spaces. Social areas, balconies, gardens, terraces with panoramic views, as well as strong natural elements in the region will be established with a strong bond is aimed. 

The Natura project has the same advantages as Kıbrıs Town Houses in terms of location. In the junction point of the two projects are the village square and Gave, which has recently become one of the most popular places. In addition,as a result of the negotiations to be made with Alsancak Municipality, a public road will pass from Natura through Alsancak Park. The site residents will be able to go to the park and then to the public beach by foot instead of a vehicle. Also the project is at a distance of 9 kilometers to the town, 10 minutes of a short walk to all basic activities and 5 minutes of driving. Among the rich social activity facilities of the Natura project are; SPA, gym, vitamin bar, hot tub, kiddy swimming pools and adult swimming pools.

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