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A life surrounded with the perfect Mediterranean atmosphere and time spent with your favourite hobbies:

There’s nothing more soothing than this sentence. We imagined a flawless world in Natura, which is full of energy, inspiration and relaxation at the same time. You are invited to enjoy every bit of this world and spread the good vibes.


Smell the aromatic nostalgia coming from the cutest corner of Natura:

Gave is a precious reinterpretation of Cyprus’ historical coffeehouses and it opens its doors & square to social activities, exhibitions, recitals and modern day’s holiday gatherings.


Wellness & Spa

In Natura, it’s easy to make any day unforgettable!

Feel the dynamic nature of Natura where present moment’s beauty lies in the hands of your precious rituals. Start the mornings with an active session at the sports center or get in the flow and visit yoga & Pilates studio to add beauty to your day.

At Natura, relaxation always wins! Imagine that you are resting on a panoramic terrace overlooking the sea and mountains, after a visit to your physiotherapist… Don’t forget to take the road to the sauna, for it will lead the way to the best rest ever!


Did we mention that every part of Natura is designed for perfect times?

For those who enjoy a flawless life… Dive into the flow of Natura’s waters. Freestyle in winter, butterfly in fall. Swim whenever you want in our outdoor or indoor pools.

We promise, both will make you feel refreshed!

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