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According to a legend; Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty was born in Cyprus.

That’s why the island, which has more than 300 days of sunshine a year, has a love at first sight effect on the first-time visitors.

There’s no doubt that Cyprus is an ideal destination no matter what time of the year with its fertile climate, rich history and great attractions. From visiting a vineyard to spending time with Caretta Carettas; you'll enjoy your new home.


Everybody loves spending time at the beach! Whether it is an alone time with a wonderful book, or it’s party time with a bunch of friends... Don’t forget to add windsurfing and paragliding to the menu. Beaches are the nearest and dearest friends of Natura.

Walking and Cycling Trails

The nature park with its wonderful pine trees, the Lapta hiking path with its excellent sea view and the island’s other hiking and cycling paths waiting to be discovered by you… You’ll love every corner of Cyprus; where its unique nature is blessed with beautiful and diverse landscape.


An ode to the mountains… The terracotta façades of terraces and balconies evoking that unique Mediterranean feel… Natura's architectural inspiration is the very natural beauty of Cyprus. Mimicking the majestic texture of the Beşparmak Mountains, the exteriors will make Natura one of the special part of the landscape.

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