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Natura lies like a goddess in front of the Beşparmak mountains, the heir to the beauty of the Mediterranean; in harmony with all the shadows, textures and colours of its surroundings.

The most beautiful stories of Natura are hidden in the nature of the Mediterranean… Formed with its unique architecture, the unique anatomy of the interiors, its colors, open spaces and pergolas, all stories have an organic bond with the essence of Cyprus.

Being in the middle of a warm Mediterranean climate filled with sunshine over 300 days of the year; Natura will whisper nature's most beautiful secret to your ears: Happiness!

A delicious breakfast or coffee break at Gave of modern times, energizing walks in the natural park and a unique sea time that refreshes your soul, days at Natura are full of joyful choices!

If you wish, the Mediterranean is waiting for you to dive deep into its great past: With its archaeological finds, myths and written history, the Cypriot civilization dates back to 9000 years. From the graves of the kings to the rich cuisine of Cyprus, Cyprus has many stories to tell.

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